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Green Homes Grant for homeowners

By October 26, 2020August 4th, 2021No Comments

If you’re a shared owner or leaseholder, you can get financial help – of up to £5,000 – towards making energy improvements to your home, with a Green Homes Grant this winter.

How the grant works
The Green Homes Grant gives homeowners vouchers, to help cover the cost of energy saving home improvements.

There are restrictions to what improvements you can and can’t do to receive the funding. You can find out more about this via the government’s Green Homes Grant guidance.

Contact us before undertaking any work
It’s always a good idea to check with our Staircasing or Sales Services teams before you start any work, as you may need to get our consent.

Shared owners should register any improvements with us too. This is to make sure your home is valued correctly, if you’d like to staircase in the future.

Check your eligibility
Check your eligibility for Green Homes Grant funding soon, as the work needs to be completed by 31 March 2021.

Contact us
Contact us to speak to a member of the Staircasing or Sales Services teams.