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Getting to know you better to deliver a great service

By August 12, 2020No Comments

At the beginning of this year, we sent out our Catalyst Customer Survey which focused on communications, customer service and opportunities to get involved. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

From the results, it’s clear that as a service provider one size doesn’t fit all. You expect more from us and we’re ready to take on this journey.

So that we tailor further the services we offer, we need to know you better: your needs, your expectations, you as a person and your aspiration. 

What will we be talking to you about?

We’ve worked with our customer experience committee, a group of involved customers who scrutinise and work with us to improve services, to give us valuable customer insight into the types of things we should be asking you.

Committee member, Sri, said, ‘This is a chance to inform Catalyst about what matters to you in your job, home, community and what your goals are for the future. It is a chance to create changes that meet the challenges, personally, ahead socially and globally. It is a chance for those who don’t usually answer questionnaires, those who don’t shout loudest when something is wrong, to have a voice that will be heard and represented.’

You can read the full interview/article here.

Who will be gathering your feedback?
To help us gather this information, we’re working closely with a team of independent research and engagement specialists – Social Engine and Kaizen. Over the coming months, they’ll be speaking with you, to hear the views of a diverse and representative range of customers. Their expertise lies in collaborating with organisations like us, to look at improving how we engage, meet and exceed the needs of customers.

How can I give my feedback?

There are lots of ways. You can:

  • Give your views via an online survey 
  • Or be interviewed over the phone. The Kaizen team will be calling customers through August and September
  • You can also book a phone interview by calling Kaizen on 020 3992 8522 and one of the team will call you back and fix a time to interview you
  • We can also give you a large print version of the survey if that is better for you. If you call 020 3992 8522 and we will send you a copy, or you can email us.

We encourage all our customers to take part in whatever way works best for you; whether you have been with us for a long time or just joined us. The more people we hear from, the more we’ll learn and the greater the impact of the research.

If you would like more information about the review and how you can take part, please get in touch

Data protection
We take our data protection responsibilities seriously. We collect, store and process data in line with data protection law. The only personal data we will store will be that which you give us consent to hold via this survey. We will keep this data for six months, after which point we will either delete it or anonymise it.

Read more about data protection

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