There are many different roles within our Estate Services team, but how do they all work together to ensure they provide the best service for our customers? That’s where an Estate Services Manager comes in – leading the team in delivering a high-quality service for everyone.

Edward is an Estate Services Manager, looking after estates in the Home Counties. His role includes supervising the day-to-day operations of all the caretakers, gardeners, cleaning teams, and compliance inspectors for the estates, buildings, and grounds in these neighbourhoods.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Edward: An essential part of my role is checking in with my team to make sure they have everything they need to do their work. So, a typical day starts with responding to emails and catching up with my team via one-to-ones and team meetings.

I’ll then carry out on-site inspections to check on standards, identify any issues and liaise with our Repairs team to make sure they complete any necessary repairs. I organise all the bulk collections of dumped and unwanted rubbish for the areas my team covers too.

What helps you manage your team?

Edward: I like to update all my inspections and spreadsheets at the beginning of the month. I can then focus on my team and respond to customer questions or requests in good time.

Tell us something about your role that customers might not know

Edward: I undertake customer safety inspections on-site each month as part of my role. This involves emergency lighting and fire alarm checks, reporting failures, health and safety checks, removal of item’s blocking communal areas and risk assessments. We do this to make sure our estates and buildings are safe in the event of a fire and to prevent any harm or injury to our customers.

I work with a friendly, flexible, and reliable team. We all get on well and want to provide our customers with excellent service.'

What do you like best about your job?

Edward: Getting out to see my team on-site to support and motivate them to keep up the high standard of work they provide for our customers.

I also enjoy our area manager team meetings. Our meetings are always positive and solution-focused, sharing ideas and giving each other advice. We’re always ready to help and support each other.

What do you like most about working at Catalyst?

Edward: I work with a friendly, flexible, and reliable team. We all get on well and want to provide our customers with excellent service. I was promoted to area manager from caretaker around five months ago, so there are development opportunities if you’re thinking of career progression too.

Have you learnt anything new since you started in your role?

Edward: I’ve learnt a lot since I successfully applied for and achieved my promotion. For example, Catalyst provided training for first-time managers when I started my new role. Additionally, I’ve undertaken emergency first aid and safeguarding for managers training and have lots more practical training coming up to support me in fulfilling my new responsibilities. I’m learning every day, which makes the role so interesting. In addition, I have the support and assistance to feel confident in my abilities, which feels great.

Find out more about our Estate Services team

Our Estate Services team looks after our estates and neighbourhoods’ internal and external communal areas. You can find out more about what this involves on our estate services page.