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Estate improvement update – you said, we did

By May 28, 2019No Comments

Our estate services team are carrying out in-house improvements to the parking bays alongside the annual communal area deep clean to a number of Catalyst estates.

The parking bay improvements are being implemented after resident feedback raised issues with bays being unclear, bin collections being obstructed (due to the bin areas being blocked by parked cars) and non-residents causing disruption by using the bays as pick up and drop off areas.

Mykola Markuta, one of our compliance inspectors, has been working closely with our neighbourhood experience teams to help improve disabled parking facilities, install parking bollards and make sure road markings clearly define the designated parking areas.

To date Mykola and the team have completed improvements at five locations and will be continuing further in-house improvements, where required, over the coming months. If the team had outsourced this work it would have cost Catalyst approximately £1,500 per location. Mykola has been receiving some great feedback on the improvements, with one resident offering him a cup of tea and a biscuit for doing such a great job.

The annual deep cleaning program is also underway across Catalyst estates. Our estate services team undertake this deep clean to all internal communal areas every year. This is a supplementary service to the standard cleaning and maintenance and is at no extra expense to residents’ service charges.

The deep clean includes an intense clean of all carpeted areas with a commercial carpet cleaner, deep cleaning (using floor scrubbers and buffers) of all hard floors and cleaning and washing of all walls and woodwork. So far, the team have completed deep cleaning works in north and west London and are continuing the program across all estates throughout the year.

If you have any questions in regards to parking bay improvements or the ongoing deep cleaning program you can speak to our estate services team or neighbourhood experience team via 0300 456 2099.