We’re developing a range of housing designs for our new developments and would love to know what you think what makes a home a great place to live in.

We’ve been spending more time at home than ever over the last year. Having a flexible and inviting space where we can work, learn, entertain and relax is important. We know one size doesn’t fit all and want to make sure our homes of the future work for everyone.

What’s involved

Our Development team are creating a range of housing designs and would like your ideas to inspire them.

Visit The Garden, where you can leave your ideas and share what kind of living space you prefer by completing our quick survey.

Share your ideas

You’ve got until the end of June to share your ideas and feedback on what you think helps make a home you love.

Other ways to get involved

There are lots of projects and ways to get involved and share your feedback with us. Find out more on The Garden