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Build Back Better – turning ideas into reality

By December 1, 2020No Comments

This year, we’ve been working together with over 60 customers – listening to feedback, identifying common themes around ideas and looking at areas for improving your experience.

In September, we held our online Build Back Better sessions with colleagues and customers. We were able to hear first-hand from you on how we can improve our services to you, as well as how you want us to communicate with you.

We heard from a wide range of customers, including a session with some of our youngest customers ranging from 8 to 12-year-olds. We asked them to be our architects for a day and imagine the homes of the future that they would love to live in. They had some great ideas around renewable energy, security and technology.

We love this view from one of our young people when imagining their dream home, ‘It’s important to have outdoor space for health and wellbeing. Being healthy is something everyone needs to do. It’s good for their immune system and they need vitamin c and can make you fit and strong which is important for the human body.’

What you told us
Watch Paul Nettleton, Senior Community Involvement Officer, reflect on the feedback you’ve given us, and find out exactly how we’re turning your feedback into action, on the things that matter most to you:

Want to contribute to future co-creation sessions? Just get in touch We’ll be happy to hear from you.