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Blackbird Leys gets a spring clean

By July 18, 2017August 4th, 2021No Comments

Blackbird Leys is getting a spring clean this July, thanks to Oxford City Council’s Clean Green Oxford campaign.

Catalyst is working with the Council, other housing associations and local residents on a two-week drive to tackle litter and environmental crime and encourage residents to get involved in keeping their area clean and green.

While the Council is tidying up gardens and removing graffiti and fly-tipped waste, Catalyst staff will focus on cutting back prickly bushes and cleaning up litter hotspots in target areas.

And we will be out and about, talking to residents to find out their views on environmental issues on the estate and encouraging them to recycle and dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

Ines Kretzschmar, Community Enterprise Coordinator with Catalyst Gateway, said, “Everyone enjoys living in a clean, green, beautiful-looking community to be proud of. It’s essential that we all work together, engage and involve residents. A clean, green environment is good for everyone and the Earth as a whole. Catalyst is proud to be part of this.”

To find out more: contact Ines Kretzschmar on 01865 334820 or