As the days finally start to get a little longer and brighter, we wanted to share some wellbeing tips to help blow away some of the cobwebs, recharge your emotional and physical batteries and feel a little more mindful.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about purposefully paying attention to our feelings and being in the present moment with yourself and your surroundings.

Most of the things that we do in life we do on autopilot and out of habit without thinking too hard, for example eating a meal, coping with stress and managing family and work life. We can do these things automatically but if we pay attention, we can practice the fullness of that moment. Just by focusing you’ll create a different experience.

If you feel like now would be a good time to give mindfulness a go, why not start with some of our suggestions below.

Take a digital detox

Many of us have got a little too connected and could benefit from taking a step back from our tablets and smart phones. Why not set yourself limits for when you’re online, to give yourself time to switch off, unwind and be present in the moment.

Be kind to yourself

As the saying goes, ‘You’ll never talk to anyone as much as you talk to yourself, so be kind’. If all you’re doing is focusing on the negatives, you’ll start to bring yourself down. If you find yourself thinking too critically, spend a minute practising self-awareness and acknowledge how it made you feel. Use this time to think about what’s important to you right now instead.

Let it go

If you’re experiencing feelings of uncertainty it can start to feel a little overwhelming. Ask yourself-what can I change or control? If you think you can do something about it, make a plan to help you focus. Even if you can’t fix it all, having something to focus on can help ease any feelings of anxiety.

Get into a routine and keep active

Having a routine can really help your general wellbeing. It gives you a sense of control and can be reassuring when you’re feeling uncertain. Sleeping at erratic times and spending all day in your pyjamas is fun for a day or so, but it’s not good for your overall mental wellbeing in the longer term.

Mix it up

This one is all about the activities. Spending too long doing any one thing can make you feel groggy and lose focus. Try listening to music, reading a book, getting creative with a new craft, cooking, baking or even going through that draw full of bits and bobs you’ve been meaning to sort out for ages. While you’re doing this really focus on the activity and pay attention to how it’s making you feel.

We’re here for you

There are lots of ways that we can support you if you’re not quite feeling yourself. Our Advice and Wellbeing team are here to help you and can connect you to vital support services offering practical and emotional advice.

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