On 8 December, the government announced they’re moving to Plan B which includes some changes to their Covid-19 guidance.  

We’ve reviewed these guidelines and will continue to deliver our services to you, making sure that your household, our colleagues and contractors are kept safe and well.  

 We will continue to: 

  • Wear masks and protective clothing on repairs appointments and will continue cleaning the work areas after these visits 
  • Continue to socially distance, where possible, when we’re in your home for a repair or appointment and wear a mask (unless exempt) if you request we do so. 
  • Undertake communal cleaning with additional sanitising to high touch point areas 
  • Make sure that colleagues wear face masks and actively encourage customers to wear face masks and social distance in all independent living communal areas 
  • Work with our customers and adapt our community services based on need 
  • Provide all colleagues with masks and face coverings. 

Please continue to visit our website for the latest updates on Coronavirus and our services to you.  

We’re here for you

Whether you feel you need financial support, advice on employment or you just need to speak to someone from our dedicated Advice and Wellbeing team – we’re here for you.