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An improved approach to tackling anti-social behaviour

By February 10, 2017August 5th, 2021No Comments

Our anti-social behaviour (ASB) team is now part of Catalyst Gateway, which is there to support and improve our communities.

As part of Gateway, the team can now tackle the root causes of anti-social behaviour, rather than just enforce the rules. They’ll also lead on any cases that need input from other agencies, for example the police or local authority.

All of our ASB officers work at least one day a week in the area they’re responsible for – so that local residents can contact them easily, and so that the officers can investigate any issues that have been reported on site.

List of anti-social behaviour officers

Tony Sharif – Ealing area
Dale Moore – outer London
Philip Cone – rest of London

Download our Noise App

We’ve also developed a Noise App that lets customers record any instances of noise nuisance.

The recording is then stored online so that our ASB officers can access it and use it to investigate the complaint.

Responding to your anti-social behaviour complaint

When you call our customer service centre, our trained staff will assess the risk level of your complaint and let you know when the ASB team will respond:

  • High risk – call back within 24 hours
  • Medium risk – call back within 3 working days
  • Low risk – call back within 5 working days

A duty ASB officer will also be based in the customer service centre from 10am to 4pm.

They’ll handle any complex queries, or speak to customers who want information about an ongoing case.

The duty ASB officer will also be available to meet customers who come to our Ealing office.