We know that where you want to live and your circumstances can change over time, meaning a home that was once perfect for you may no longer be suitable. If you rent with us there are options such a transfer or mutual exchange, to help make your search for a new home a little easier and get moving.

Your moving options

Although an internal transfer may seem like the easiest option available, mutual exchange is quite often the quickest way to move.

Our Allocations team are available to help customers explore these options and advise them on the application process and what supporting information and documents you’ll need, such as identification, medical history and so on.

Internal transfers

If you’d like to register for an internal transfer please contact us and ask to speak to the Allocations team. They’ll be able to discuss the process with you and send you the relevant forms.

If you do choose to register for a transfer you can also register on online housing options services, such as  Locata. Did you know that services such as Locata, allow you to search and view your bidding history so you can see where you ranked – your ranking will explain why you did or didn’t win the bid.

Mutual exchange

You can also register to swap your home with other council or housing association tenants via mutual exchange websites, such as:

If you choose to mutual exchange, all you need to do is let your Neighbourhood Experience Manager (NEM) know once you’ve found someone you’d like to swap with. Your NEM will then advise you what you need to do and progress the mutual exchange for you.

Contact us

You can find out more about transfers and mutual exchanges in the your tenancy section of our website.

If you’d like to talk through your moving options or you have any questions please contact our Allocations team, who are always happy to have a chat with you about the best options available to you.