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Catalyst and Aldwyck complete merger

By May 1, 2019August 4th, 2021No Comments

Catalyst Housing Ltd and Aldwyck Housing Group have today officially merged, with Aldwyck becoming a subsidiary of Catalyst.

The new organisation will own and manage 32,000 homes and has an aspiration to deliver 1,300 homes a year by 2022.

Ian McDermott, Chief Executive, joined Catalyst from Aldwyck in January and in February announced the new executive structure.

Richard Brown, Chair of Catalyst’s Board, said: “I have been greatly impressed by the Aldwyck team over the last few months. I am delighted to welcome our new colleagues to the Catalyst family, and I look forward to building an even stronger business together.

“Beyond our geographical synergies and business ambition, it is clear we have shared values and are similarly driven by the same social purpose to provide homes for those that need them most.

“This merger means we can use our combined strengths and pool our experience and resources to make faster progress in our goal to provide more homes and excellent service to our residents.

“I look forward to our new organisation making even greater strides to achieve our goals.”

Pat Billingham, Vice Chair and former Chair of Aldwyck Housing Group, said: “We are delighted that Aldwyck has today become part of the Catalyst Group.

“At a time when the housing crisis is almost daily headline news, our combined strength and expertise will enable us to fulfil our shared ambition to provide more homes to meet the housing need in our newly enlarged geographical area.

“We have ambitious plans which we believe will benefit our customers and our staff.

“My thanks to all our colleagues who have worked so hard to complete our merger in accordance with our ambitious timetable.”

Catalyst and Aldwyck will integrate fully over the coming months and become a dual-regional organisation, spanning London and the south-east.