Catalyst hosted a roundtable discussion in Cambridge at the end of September, focusing on the role of affordable housing in the Arc project.

The conversation that evening went a long way to informing Catalyst’s own response to the Spatial Framework consultation. In our submission to government, we emphasised the importance of good quality affordable and accessible housing for the Arc and offered views on how this can be achieved.

In addition to our consultation response, we’ve produced a Summary Report – Creating new homes to be proud of in the Arc – PDF 1MB from the evening. This pulls together the key points from the discussion we hope provides a valuable perspective on the contribution affordable housing can make to the Arc.

Joe Marshall, Managing Director, New Homes (Counties) at Catalyst said:

‘The report outlines our vision and aspirations for the role of affordable housing in the Arc. The key takeaway from the discussion is simple. If the Oxford-Cambridge Arc is to succeed and be home to good, sustainable, community-focused development, then affordable housing must be treated as a crucial part of its infrastructure.’

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