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Surprise Morrisons delivery for young people at Hutton House

By May 19, 2020No Comments

Young people at Hutton House received a surprise delivery from Morrisons’ Royston store.

Hutton House is one of our residential support services for young people. The service supports over 170 16-25 year olds across Hertfordshire who would otherwise be homeless, helping them live independently and gain skills, qualifications and employment.

In each of its stores, supermarket chain Morrisons employs a Community Champion to connect with surrounding communities. Through this scheme, stores arrange donations of non-perishable food and essentials to local groups such as food banks and homeless charities.

Community Champion at the Royston store, Caitlin Curron, was researching the local area when she came across Catalyst’s young persons service in Stevenage. She contacted Project Worker Dawn at the scheme to ask if they would like a donation of some food items, which they gratefully accepted.

Much to the surprise of the residents and team at Hutton House, who were looking forward to receiving a carrier bag or two from the store, Caitlin and Royston Store Manager Matt Little arrived with a pallet of goods! The donation included pasta sauce, tinned tuna, biscuits, coffee and washing liquid – all things the young people will be able to use and will help with their weekly budget.

The team and residents at Hutton House were overwhelmed by the generosity of the donation, and have shared the products with two of its other local schemes for young people.

Catalyst’s Young Persons Service Manager, Mika Saha, said: “We are truly grateful for Morrisons’ kind donation – it means so much to us that they’ve taken the time to get to know their local community and contact us. The donation will go a long way to help the young people who live with us. Buying food can not only be financially hard, but simply getting to stores can be difficult.

“One of our residents emailed Dawn to say: ‘I just wanted to share my appreciation to the Morrisons’ team for the fantastic support to our hostels, helping with our shopping. Delightful surprise!’

“Thank you from us all.”

Matt Little, Morrisons Royston’s Store Manager told us: “We’re so glad to have got in touch with Hutton House and meet the amazing team and young people there – observing social distancing of course. It was one of the most emotional donations we’ve made as we saw first-hand how the food and household supplies will help these young people get back on their feet. Young people are so often misjudged and overlooked in our communities and we’re proud to help.

“Caitlin and I were touched to see how genuinely appreciative Catalyst’ team and residents were. We’ve since arranged to drop off some bread that the local food banks were unable to take. It’s perfect for residents at Hutton House as they can freeze it.

“I used to live in Stevenage so it was particularly special donation for me to give something back to the community there. Morrisons has a strong ethos of looking after its communities, and this, along with other initiatives such as ‘Doorstep Delivery’, is just one small way we can help those who need it the most.” 

Read our press release for more information.