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Catalyst wins place as one of HCA’s preferred delivery partners

By August 1, 2017No Comments

Catalyst has been announced as one of the Homes & Communities Agency’s (HCA) preferred developers after it was included in the third generation of the Delivery Partner Panel Framework (DPP3).

The HCA will use the panel to deliver an estimated £8bn residential-led development programme on public sector land. The DPP3 framework commenced on the 31st July and will run for the next four years. Catalyst has been named as a partner in two of the five regional lots: ‘East/South-east’ and ‘South/South-west’

Catalyst is an expert in placemaking with a strong record of delivering high quality estate regeneration and tenure-blind neighbourhoods. As part of the DPP3, Catalyst will be able to continue to work towards its objective of delivering 1,000 homes a year by 2020.

Rod Cahill, Chief Executive, said: “Being part of the HCA’s preferred developer framework will help Catalyst deliver new affordable housing across London and the South East. I look forward to working on new and exciting projects that will help us continue to meet our core objective of delivering long-term, quality accommodation for those that need it most.”