Catalyst has committed to be an early adopter of a new ‘Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing’ that launched on 10 November.

The Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Social Housing Working Group has created this new standard with support from advisory firm, The Good Exchange. Catalyst will adopt the new standard as we continue our work towards reducing our carbon footprint, improving the energy efficiency of our homes and delivering community development services to our neighbourhoods.

Catalyst has always had its social purpose at the core of our business and we’re increasingly taking a holistic approach to ESG, from place shaping to managing neighbourhoods, delivering new affordable housing to providing energy saving advice to our customers.

We have a dedicated community development and social investment arm, Catalyst Communities, that provide a huge range of services to make sure our customers have access to jobs and training opportunities, health and wellbeing classes or even afterschool clubs.

This new standard will help us report on our approach to ESG, and share our achievements in in a transparent, consistent and comparable way.

The new early adopters’ group is made up of 70 banks, investors and housing associations from across the UK, with another 16 organisations committing to endorsing the new standard. The new standard will drive major investment toward social housing in the UK which will in turn lead to us delivering more new, affordable housing for those that need it most.

You can read more about the new standard here.