New partnership to help customers’ mental health in lockdown

By June 17, 2020July 9th, 2020No Comments

Catalyst has partnered with Skillsmax to offer free, independent mental health support to customers through the Covid-19 lockdown.

Catalyst has been supporting its customers and communities through the pandemic with additional wellbeing calls, financial advice and activity packs. This latest partnership is designed specifically to support customers’ mental health and help those who may be feeling worried, anxious or isolated due to lockdown or in general.

Through Skillsmax, Catalyst customers in any location can access free, confidential advice over the phone seven days a week, and speak with their highly trained and experienced support team.

Skillsmax is a not-for-profit social enterprise, and to help boost funds at this initial stage of our partnership, Catalyst has awarded a £2,000 grant from its ‘Coronavirus Voluntary Sector Support Fund.

Catalyst’s Director of Community Investment, Sahil Khan, said: ‘We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Skillsmax to help customers who may be struggling with their mental health.

‘Catalyst is committed to supporting the mental health of its customers, and Skillsmax have the specific skills to help us do that. We encourage our customers to use this service and talk to somebody if they’re feeling anxious or worried.’

Lynne Johnson from Skillsmax told us: ‘We are pleased to receive the grant from Catalyst to help our remote support activity. Covid-19 is directly responsible for new and changing needs, leaving many people with increased support requirements around coping with change, isolation, having a purpose and addressing impacts on well-being. We look forward to supporting Catalyst customers and enabling them to make a positive step forward.’

If you’re a Catalyst customer, you can speak with one of the Skillsmax team on call 0800 464 7042 (Mon-Fri; 9am-5pm)

For help and support about your tenancy or finances, call Catalyst on 0300 500 6262 (counties) 0300 456 2099 (London) or speak with a member of your local team.

Read our press release for more information.