‘The injunction was not only the first of its kind in Westminster but has had an amazing affect. The level of ASB we had on this estate was up there with our worst, and suddenly we no longer need to visit. I do foresee this becoming a standard for other estates who suffer similar high levels of ASB’

Sujan Miah, Metropolitan Police Service

Our Community Safety team are committed to supporting customers affected by anti-social behaviour (ASB) and promoting a safe and enjoyable environment in our neighbourhoods.

The team works with customers to try to resolve ASB issues early, through interviews and mediation and we encourage everyone to be understanding of those around us.

We support customers by working collaboratively with local authorities, partners, police, and local agencies within our communities to tackle local issues, and encourage engagement and inclusive working.

How the team deal with higher level ASB

Sometimes approaches such as mediation, where individuals or groups are referred to a mediator to discuss their experience and work on resolving the issue, isn’t enough and ASB issues can continue.

This is where collaborating with partners, local authorities and agencies is key. This can involve working with the police and courts to carry out partial closure orders – where a notice is issued by the court to restrict access to certain areas or individuals – to support our customers, stop the anti-social behaviour and action any necessary injunctions.

In a recent ongoing anti-social behaviour case, involving residents from a estate close by to a Catalyst neighbourhood, the team worked with our legal team, local police and solicitors to obtain an unknown person’s injunction, to cover the entire scheme.

An injunction is a court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific action. An unknown person’s injunction can be used when the persons are unknown but have been identified as committing an unlawful act, eg by CCTV.

The injunction – which was the first of its kind in Westminster – was granted, which stopped all anti-social behaviour within the scheme almost immediately. Customers living within the scheme now feel safer and happier in their homes and the team continue to work with them, to make sure similar issues don’t return.

Learn more about we deal with ASB

If you’d like to find out more about our Community Safety team’s approach, you can find out more on our anti-social behaviour page.