The Customer Experience Committee (CEC) is a group of board members, Catalyst customers and independent members whose focus is to help us make sure all customer-related services provide a high-quality customer experience.

Alison Knocker is a member of the Catalyst Board and the Chair of the CEC. As a human resources director for a media technology company, she’s always valued customer experience and feels privileged to be the current CEC Chair. ‘I joined the Board almost nine years ago and requested to join the customer service committee – as it was then – because I felt so strongly about supporting Catalyst to provide the best service it can for its customers.

‘I’m thrilled that awareness of the importance of customer experience has increased. I see it as the key to making sure services are the best they can be.’

The purpose of the CEC

With a mixture of members, the objective of the CEC is to bring knowledge and experience from different geographical and professional backgrounds. Alison says ‘The CEC’s role is to look at long-term strategies, discuss plans for the future and how they’ll impact customer experience.

The purpose is to ask challenging questions, suggest ideas and review how Catalyst is performing against agreed objectives and standards. My role as Chair and member of the Catalyst Board is to report back to the board on how Catalyst is performing and any findings and suggestions from the CEC.

What’s involved in being on the CEC?

The committee meets at least four times per year, with additional meetings sometimes scheduled to discuss important topics affecting our customers.

Alison explains, ‘Catalyst’s Chief Operating Officer and Customer Experience Director attend all meetings with other executive team members, directors, and heads of services coming along – depending on what topics and services are being discussed.

‘They send us documents that we need to review along with agenda papers, before every meeting, and we’re encouraged to ask questions in advance to help everyone prepare for the discussion.’

Welcoming new members

The CEC recently recruited a new customer member, which Alison found inspiring, ‘I was impressed by how many customers want to contribute and spend their time helping improve customer experience. It’s a big commitment as you have to give up your time, which isn’t easy when you have work and family commitments.

For anyone who is thinking of applying for CEC membership roles in the future or getting involved in any of our current customer engagement opportunities, I thoroughly recommend it. It’s activities like the CEC and customer involvement that help push service improvements, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Would you like to get involved?

If you’d like to get involved in any of our customer engagement opportunities, you can find out more on our online engagement community, The Garden.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to find out more about all the latest projects and how you can get involved.