Residents’ stories

How our Wellbeing team can help you

The Wellbeing team was introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We knew that many of our customers would be affected the pandemic and we wanted to let them know that we’re committed to supporting them.

Lockdown hobbies for happiness

Lockdown has prompted many people to pursue new activities or rekindle hobbies to adapt to a new way of life. Here, we meet two customers who help us explore the benefits of having a creative and positive focus. 

The healing power of nature and how it can help you

Whether it’s a walk in the local park, bike rides along the river or just spending a few quiet minutes sitting outside, many of us have discovered a new connection with nature over the past few months. 

Money matters

Our Income Maximisation teams are here to support all our customers with general money and budgeting advice. Noor D’Agostino is a Senior Income and Maximisation Advisor, who regularly works with customers to help them access the right benefits and support for them. ‘Many of our customers come to my team when they need some advice  Read more »

Rohan’s story: electrical apprentice

You may have read about Samantha and Mohamed in previous issues of the Catalyst magazine. Samantha has successfully completed the second year of a dry-lining apprenticeship with Screed Force and will be progressing onto full-time employment once works at Havelock have completed.

Lawrence’s story: plumbing apprentice

Lawrence is a plumbing apprentice, having secured his apprenticeship with our repairs contractors in our west London Hub. Lawrence is currently working on day-to-day repairs team in west London.

Adil’s story: multi skill trader apprentice

Adil is a multi-skill trader apprentice, having secured his apprenticeship Adil is currently working with one of our day-to-day repairs team in west London.

Helping you manage your money

Our Do$h+ service provides one-to-one support helping customers with managing your money (budgeting, benefits advice) and digital training to help you use online services confidently.