Resident news

Changes to parking in Brent

Clamping vehicles on private land became illegal last year. To help us manage the parking around our homes in Brent, we have employed Wing Parking (a parking enforcement company). Wing Parking will: Take pictures of unauthorised parked vehicles Issue on the spot parking tickets Contact you if you don’t pay your fine Catalyst residents who  Read more »

Come and join the party

Catalyst Gateway’s employment and skills centre will be celebrating its first birthday in February and you’re all invited. As well as enjoying a slice of birthday cake, you’ll get the chance to: Get help writing your CV, searching for jobs and preparing for interviews Check out the centre’s facilities (including the IT suite and  workshop  Read more »

Become a South East board member

Do you have the drive, commitment and aptitude to represent the views of our residents and help to shape how Catalyst is run? Then why not become a local board member? We’re looking for someone to be the voice of our communities and ensure Catalyst always puts residents first. You’ll have the chance to set  Read more »

Own up or face a £50 fine

Changes in your circumstances can affect your benefits. If you don’t report them and get overpaid as a result, you may have to pay a £50 civil penalty from 1 October 2012. Changes in your circumstances can affect your benefits. If you don’t report them and get overpaid as a result, you may have to  Read more »

Fight against blight

This summer’s warm and wet weather has been perfect to help spread the dreaded potato blight.  Consequently, the Potato Council have suggested that the growing number of ‘allotment amateurs’ have also had a part to play in the worst potato crops in 35 years. Not knowing the signs of danger, spuds are growing unchecked, spreading  Read more »

Your spare room for £1,000?

Miss Angela West, aged 48, downsized from a two bedroom home to a one bedroom home in July 2012. Her husband had passed away and her children had moved out, so her home was simply too big. “It was hard coming home to an empty flat. I had memories of my family and felt all  Read more »

Become a mystery shopper

Can we improve the way we answer your questions? Or how we get back to you when we can’t answer a query straightaway? Then why not help us get better by becoming a mystery shopper? Mystery shopping lets you test and assess our services from a customer’s point of view. You’ll carry out a series  Read more »

Is your boiler working?

With the cold weather fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to check whether your boiler is working properly. Winter is a busy time for our repairs team so you should let us know now if you have a problem. We will then get it fixed so you’re not without heating or hot water.     How can  Read more »

Be smart with your money

With benefits changes round the corner and a tough economic situation, it has never been more important to manage your money effectively. Come along and find out about: Benefits changes Universal credit Downsizing incentive scheme Debt advice Training and local employment opportunities Money management Housing In addition to this you’ll also be able to get one  Read more »

Send us a picture and win £100

We’re putting together our annual report and we want your help! Please send us any pictures you have of people in your neighbourhood, at events or going about their daily life. Please add a few words to tell us a bit about the photo, what it is and where it was taken. The person who  Read more »