Young people urged to make the most of a Golborne Opportunity


A new project called Golborne Opportunities has launched in North Kensington aiming to help 50 local young people into jobs over the next two years. The project is being funded by Catalyst Gateway and educational charity the Clement James Centre.

When young people grow too old for their youth club and want to enter the world of work or get further training, they often face problems as they don’t know where to go next for help

Golborne Opportunities aims to address this by bringing together a range of local organisations to provide young people aged 12 to 25 with a network of services so they don’t fall through gaps in the system.

Organisations taking part in Golborne Opportunities are:

  • Catalyst Gateway – the charitable community development arm of Catalyst Housing.
  • The Clement James Centre’s “IntoWork” team – part of a North Kensington educational charity.
  • The Harrow Club – a North Kensington charity which provides activities for young people.
  • The Venture Community Centre – a community and play centre based in North Kensington.
  • Catalyst Gateway’s youth project Pathways 2 Progress (P2P) – a community project which helps young people at risk of getting involved in anti-social behaviour or gangs.

Local people were able to see how each organisation work together at a launch event at the Venture Community Centre yesterday evening.

Through P2P’s network of contacts with social services, the police and others, Golborne Opportunities will target those most at risk of unemployment locally. The Clement James Centre will then offer weekly sessions through its “IntoWork” team on employability skills such as timekeeping, communication and presentation.

Young people who are successful in the programme will then have opportunities to work at the Venture Centre and the Harrow Club to boost their CVs and gain experience. The Venture Centre will also provide play facilities and activities to ease the transition from play provision to youth services.

It is hoped that the project will help 50 people into work over the next two years. The overall aim is to create a virtuous circle whereby successful candidates come back to share their experiences and so encourage others to make the most of their Golborne Opportunity.

Participants will also get help drawing up a plan of action to enter employment which will include tips and advice from people who work in the industry they would like to work in. The Clement James Centre will provide corporate partners to support the young people on the scheme. Peter Jones, BT, John Frieda, TalkTalk, ISG and Chard have already expressed an interest.

By working together, local organisations can support children aged 12 and upwards through education and onto employment. Golborne Opportunities is specifically aimed at preventing unemployment, rather than deal with the problem once it has occurred.

Ian Cann, Head of Community Enterprise, Catalyst Gateway said:

“It is really important that we focus on youth unemployment as early as possible and ensure young people see the benefit of working.

“We know that too often people fall between the gaps as they grew too old for services that were supporting them.

“By working together, we want to make sure we offer joined-up services so young people are directed to and get the support they need.”

Howard Taylor, “IntoWork” Team Leader at The Clement James Centre said:

“The Golborne Opportunities Programme is based on three principles: participation, collaboration and innovation. It allows us to deliver a flexible and personalised programme to 16-24 year old residents in North Kensington, ensuring the best possible methods of support by working with other support agencies in the area.

“The Clement James Centre will work with older members of the Harrow Club, as well as referrals from other local agencies, to provide one to one employment support, encouraging access to sustainable employment or training. Aside from funding, Catalyst Gateway is taking an active interest in developing and running the programme with us, which is a huge support.”

Local resident Shaip Bajgora attended the launch event with his wife Emine and son Rron. Mr Bajgora welcomed the project saying:

“When you need help finding a job, the community is the first place you look.”