Your spare room for £1,000?

Miss Angela West, aged 48, downsized from a two bedroom home to a one bedroom home in July 2012. Her husband had passed away and her children had moved out, so her home was simply too big.

“It was hard coming home to an empty flat. I had memories of my family and felt all alone,” she says.

Another reason why Miss West downsized was because she couldn’t afford to keep paying rent on her two bedroom home and had rent arrears. After her husband died the council reduced the amount of housing benefit she received.

Her neighbourhood manager, Rene Kiliaan, recommended she moved to a smaller home. He even went with her to see her new home before she moved in to make sure she was happy with it.

Moving has given Miss West a fresh start in life. Her new home at Brockett Close in Reading has a front and back garden, and is close to the city centre. 

If you would like to move to a smaller home we’ll give you £1,000 for every bedroom you give up and £500 towards removal costs. Visit our rented homes page to find out how you can transfer or bid for a smaller home. Alternatively speak to your neighbourhood manager by calling your local office.