Is your boiler working?

With the cold weather fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to check whether your boiler is working properly.

Winter is a busy time for our repairs team so you should let us know now if you have a problem. We will then get it fixed so you’re not without heating or hot water.    

How can I check if my boiler is working?

  • Put the heating on to see whether your home heats up as quickly as it usually would
  • Run the hot water to see if you’re getting as much hot water as before – it may either run out too soon or may not be as hot as normal

 What shall I do if my boiler is faulty?

If you’re a tenant just call your local office. We’ll send an engineer to assess the problem and then fix it for you.

If you’re a leaseholder you‘re responsible for the heating and hot water in your home. We recommend that you get your boiler checked annually by a qualified engineer.