Half your energy bills with our new Hounslow homes

We have unveiled our latest in eco-friendly, these homes could help cut energy consumption by half.*

The Greenway development on Staines Road, Hounslow is one of the first developments in London to meet the Mayor’s Housing Design Guidelines which set out minimum standards for floor space and outside private space. It is built to be carbon neutral and to conform to the highest environmental building code standards.

The energy efficient biomass boiler heats the entire development via underfloor heating and will provide most of the energy savings. Fuel for the boiler comes from sustainable sources thus further reducing its impact on the environment.

Other features include a rain water recycling system that could reduce water consumption to 80 litres per day – around half the current national average water consumption of 150 litres.

We are  providing allotments for residents to help them live a greener lifestyle in their green homes.  When building finishes officially in November the Greenway will provide 18 homes for people in Hounslow through social rent and the affordable rent scheme.

The Greenway was was part of the Green Sky Thinking event – a London-wide open house event which highlights new thinking and practice on sustainable building.

Catalyst Development Director Phil Thompson said:

“Working with Hounslow Council, we have really tried to pull out the stops on this development to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

“We hope the heating, insulation, water recycling system allotments and all the other features will benefit new residents both in terms of lower energy bills and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

Cllr Colin Ellar, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for environment, said:

“This scheme not only provides much-needed affordable homes for local families, but goes beyond just bricks and mortar. The entire ethos of the development is about living more sustainably, almost without realising it.

“The high standard of design and construction is something we’re proud to see in the borough, and is a wonderful example to others of what can be done.

“I would very much like to see more developments like this in future, so we are not only providing homes, but a better future, for generations to come.”


  1. *Energy consumption figures:

Ofgem calculations of average energy consumption (based on 2010 prices):

Average annual consumption * kWh

Annual cost of average







OFGEM 2010



* These figures are typical energy consumption figures as calculated by OFGEM

Estimates for energy savings at Greenway:

The Greenway predicted consumption **

Annual cost of average









** Figures taken from Staines Road SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculation. SAP is the method set out by the Government for assessing and comparing the energy and environmental performance of dwellings

(Figures are based on a mid floor flat in the development)