An update from our Wellbeing team

We set up our Wellbeing team in March 2020 in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the team came together over a year ago, they’ve made over 8,300 calls and spoken to nearly 4,300 customers, offering a range of practical and emotional support.

Changes to the Wellbeing team’s service

Following government guidelines and the easing of restrictions, our Communities team are gradually returning to delivering projects and services within our neighbourhoods. 

The Wellbeing team will, therefore, no longer be calling customers directly. However, they’ll still be picking up any contacts from our wellbeing email and talk to us form, as well as referrals from teams and colleagues across Catalyst.

We’re here for you

We understand that although government restrictions are easing, it’s still challenging for many within our communities. If you feel you need financial supportemployment advice, or you need to speak to someone – the Wellbeing team are still here for you.

Please continue to contact us about any concerns you may have and keep an eye on our coronavirus update pages for all the latest update on our services.