Rohan’s story: electrical apprentice

Rohan is in his third year of an electrical installation apprenticeship on our Havelock regeneration project in Southall.

We caught up with Rohan to find out more about more about how’s he’s finding jis apprenticeship.

‘I’ve always been interested in electrics and how things work. I liked the idea of learning everything I need to know while doing the job, so I knew an apprenticeship was the best way to take my career forward.

‘I started my apprenticeship when I was 20 years old. It takes four years to complete an electrical installation apprenticeship, so you have to be 100% committed to studying and working.

‘I’ve been really fortunate to learn so much from the team I’m working with. I think working alongside people who have years of experience in the trade is important.

Apprenticeships are great at combining working experience with study. I also like the fact that every day is different, you’re always learning something new.

‘My apprenticeship involves a variety of electrical work. I’m currently working on the Havelock estate, setting up the electrical work for new houses. This involves anything from fixing light fittings, to larger rewiring work. Every time I finish a piece of work my manager will look at what I’ve been working on and we’ll discuss any problems I’ve had. This includes anything that may have gone wrong but also the things that have gone right.

‘I’ve acquired lots of skills and knowledge through my training and experience. This means I can move into many different fields once I’m fully qualified. There’re also potential management opportunities with larger contractors.’

What’s happening with our other apprentices

You may have read about Samantha and Mohamed in previous issues of the Catalyst magazine.

Samantha has successfully completed the second year of a dry-lining apprenticeship with Screed Force and will be progressing onto full-time employment once works at Havelock have completed.

Mohamed started a carpentry apprenticeship with Brendan Flynn Construction earlier this year and is looking forward to completing his first year next spring.


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