Become a digital champion volunteer

Do you enjoy connecting with friends and family online via social media, multimedia, mobile phones, email and more? Are you a good communicator and do you enjoy teaching people new things? If yes, why not become a digital champion volunteer in your local community.

What is a digital champion volunteer?
A digital champion volunteer encourages others to understand the advantages of accessing services and connecting with friends and family online, alongside supporting them to use the different channels, such as:

  • Teaching someone to use Google or another web browser
  • Showing a beginner how to set up an email account
  • Helping someone to use the internet to research services and organisations
  • Explaining computer terms and internet jargon.

What’s involved
This opportunity is available to customers across all out locations. You’ll receive full training to deliver digital support to others within your community.

You’ll need to commit to approximately 2-7 hours per week for a up to 6 months, at the beginning.

Find out more
If you would like to find out more and apply to become a digital champion volunteer within your community.