Hounslow charity concert to support the homeless

Catalyst resident Edwin Addis is organising a charity concert on 16 July at the Musical Museum in Brentford to raise money for a local homeless charity.

The event is supported by the Catalyst Residents Federation, as well as by the Hounslow Council and Quilliam Property services.

Entitled “Hounslow Hootenanny for the Homeless”, the event will feature five local bands who will showcase their original songs.

The organisers Edwin Addis and Julian Joyce, local musicians and live music enthusiasts, managed to secure small community grants from the Catalyst Residents Federation, Hounslow Council and Quilliams Property Services to pay for the venue and other costs.

This means all money raised from ticket sales will be donated to the Shelter Project Hounslow. The charity, which provides refuge for homeless men at churches across the borough during the winter, was recently featured on the Channel 4 documentary How to Get a Council House.

Get your tickets

The tickets cost only £5 and can be purchased from Musical Museum’s online store  or by calling 020 8560 8108.

Tickets are also available at the door during the Museum’s opening hours.