Being a good neighbour during the summer

With the sun shining and summer now here, it’s a great time to go out and enjoy yourselves. But please remember to consider your neighbours when having fun – we don’t want you to get their temperatures rising.

Follow our useful tips that will help to make sure everyone has a fun summer:

  • We often get complaints about noise. So please don’t play loud music especially after 11pm. It’s not fair to disturb people who are trying to sleep
  • Go to a local park or play facility if you want to play outside. Playing on the street can intimidate some people especially older residents.
  • If you’re having a party try to keep the noise down so you don’t upset your neighbours and let them know about it beforehand.
  • Don’t throw rubbish in the street or in communal areas. In hot weather it’s more likely to smell and attract pests like rats and cockroaches.
  • Respect people’s private space, and don’t go onto their property or garden without their permission.

If your neighbour is being anti-social, please speak to them in the first instance so you can sort it out informally. If the problem persists, call us on 0300 456 2099 or fill in our online form.