Improving your service

Over the past few months, we have been reviewing our services with the aim of creating a better customer experience for you.

You have told us that you want to see us become more effective at dealing with your enquiries and be quicker to act on the improvements that you suggest.

We are starting to make changes in response to your feedback. As a first stage we are changing the role of the Neighbourhood Manager to increase their visibility in your area. They will also be ensuring that Catalyst’s range of services are value for money and make your community a great place to live.

More changes to our services are on their way and we will continue to keep you updated as these changes are rolled out.

In the meantime it is possible that your Neighbourhood Manager will change. The best way to get your service requests and enquiries handled effectively is through our Customer Service Centre. This team is undergoing a new training programme to ensure that they can answer your questions first time round wherever possible.

So please can direct your queries to our Customer Service Centre on:

By phone

  • 0300 456 2099 (London customers)
  • 0300 456 2090 (South East customers)

By email

Here is a full list of other ways you can contact us.