Excellence award for residents scrutinising Catalyst

tpas scrutiny award

Tenant empowerment organisation TPAS has given Catalyst Residents Federation (CRF) an ‘Excellence in Scrutiny’ award for the work residents do in scrutinising the performance of Catalyst Housing.

The announcement that CRF is the best example of scrutiny practice amongst housing providers in the southern region of England came at the TPAS Award 2016  event  on Friday 5 February.

Scrutiny of Catalyst’s performance can involve residents taking part in inspections of estates and projects, as well as meetings with directors and participation in national events.

“We are thrilled for our residents federation and for all our residents who hold us to account. We know they do an excellent job, but to have TPAS recognise it too means there is no doubt about them being the best,” said Catalyst Resident Involvement Manager Carmen Jones.

‘This award shows how working in partnership together not only adds value but shows what can be achieved. This is the second award that involved residents have won within a year, and proves that real resident involvement is not just lip service, but real resident empowerment” said John Kehoe, chair of the CRF,

Success at the southern regional stage means that the Catalyst Residents Federation are through to the national TPAS Award 2016 final on 14 July.