New aids and adaptations policy

Over the past few months the Disability Forum has been working with us to improve the way we provide adaptations so people can live safely and independently in their homes.

These refer to alterations or improvements which help people get around their home more easily. Minor adaptations are small items such as lever taps, small ramps, grab or hand rails, or small steps to entrances. Major adaptations include providing ramps, widening doors, improving controls for heating or lighting, or installing a stair lift.

As a result we have:

  • Developed a new aids and adaptations policy to outline the support we and local authorities can provide residents who need their homes adapted. Members of the Disability Forum helped us make sure the policy was clear and provided the detail residents need to understand what services they can expect and, if needed, to hold us to account.
  • Trained surveyors to carry out assessments for minor adaptations to prevent delays often caused by waiting for an occupational therapist assessment.
  • Improved the way in which we identify customer needs, so we can match people to the right home.

Please remember that accessible homes for disabled people in London are in short supply. If you have an adapted or accessible property that you no longer need, let your neighbourhood manager know. He or she will talk to you about your options to move home and any incentive payments you may be entitled to.

More more details visit the aids and adaptations section of our website.