Parking around your neighbourhood

We recently worked with residents to provisionally select Wing Parking (a parking enforcement company) to manage the parking in our neighbourhoods. We believe that by appointing one company to provide this service; we’ll be able to provide an effective, streamlined and consistent service to all Catalyst customers.

We’ll soon be starting a three month pilot where Wing Parking will manage the parking in the following areas:

  • Wornington Green in North Kensington
  • Dan Court in Park Royal
  • Michael Gaynor Close in West Ealing
  • Montgomery House in Northolt
  • Bartlett Place and Bartlett Crescent in High Wycombe

During the pilot we’ll be able to test our internal processes and check whether Wing Parking is able to provide an effective parking enforcement service in our neighbourhoods.

If the pilot is successful, from April 2016 we’ll roll out the parking management service to all Catalyst areas, using the lessons learnt from the pilot to make sure there is minimal disruption to residents.

For more details on this pilot contact Lily Tripathi on 0300 456 2099 or