Dynamic Dawn

DawnWilliams1000x595It seems like Oxford resident Dawn Williams does it all. On top of being a part-time tutor at Abingdon and Witney College, she’s busy making sure you’re happy in your home.

With over five years’ experience living in a Catalyst neighbourhood, Dawn is a member of our South East Customer Service Committee and the Customer Experience Panel. We set up both so we could work with residents to resolve any issues, from how you pay your rent to sorting out specific problems at local developments.

“I’m balancing two quite different roles,” she says. “I joined the Customer Service Committee – then called the Local Board – four years ago. We act as a ‘critical friend’ to Catalyst, meeting every quarter to examine how the organisation is run and whether they’re delivering a quality customer service. But most importantly we’re giving residents a voice, so we like to get followed.

“We deal with directors and staff. It’s our job to say ‘that’s not quite working is it?’ and make sure that changes are made so we can work together.”

She enjoys both roles. “I like helping to resolve issues. I’ve met lots of great people and learned about the way Catalyst is run. It also ties in with my work at JSC Fun Weeks, funded by Oxford City Council, where I work with children to teach play.

“Volunteering is important and I’m passionate about play. I think every child should have a safe and stimulating area to play, with a bit of green. I’d love to use my experience to help our neighbourhoods introduce some really inspiring play areas and community spaces.”

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