A kitchen Delia would be jealous of

New kitchen in our South Kilburn“I always dreamed of having a large kitchen” says Mrs Harrison. “I don’t think I’ve cooked so much during the first three months. I couldn’t leave it alone. I love it.”

The new kitchen has also brought about positive change to family life at the Harrisons. “At Christmas we had all the family down, all sitting round the table. In the old place you had to sit with it on your lap. Now we don’t eat anything in the living room. This is totally different to anything I’ve ever had before,” says Mrs Harrison.

The Harrisons moved into their new home at Kilburn Park in late 2014. Over the last three years we’ve built 208 new homes as part of Brent Council’s regeneration of South Kilburn, and the Harrison’s home is just one of them.

Smaller blocks

This isn’t the first big change in South Kilburn that Mr Harrison has experienced. Almost 60 years ago he saw the rise of 16 storey concrete towers that housed around 70 families in the area and are now being torn down as part of the regeneration of the area.

“I thoroughly recommend having smaller blocks like this. Twenty three families is a nice number,” he says when we observe how quiet the building is. As well as the layout of the building, the windows have also helped to reduce the noise.

“If you shut the windows you don’t hear a thing. It’s fantastic really. Especially compared to our old place. It was double glazed and you could hear everything. You could hear sirens and planes flying by. But here, nothing. It’s amazing.”

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