Free advice for Ealing residents

C120402_SCO_001_20_11_2011_19_51_22atalyst has teamed up with housing association A2Dominion, to launch Advice Plus – a free advice service for Ealing residents to get information on employment, wellbeing, managing money plus much more.

A range of experts from organisations including Ealing Council, Ealing Mind, the West London Mental Health Trust, Do$h, and both Catalyst and A2Dominion will be on hand to advise residents in areas that can help them maintain their tenancies and keep well, including:

  • employment and training advice and support
  • support with health and wellbeing, including mindfulness and healthy eating
  • expert advice on lowering energy bills
  • advice on managing money and getting out of debt
  • help with housing queries.

Wendy Sweeney, Catalyst’s financial confidence programme manager, explained: “A lot of local people struggle with daily life – especially with keeping healthy, managing their money and being able to pay their rent. For some people, the advice and support that they can get from Advice Plus will make a massive difference to the quality of theirs and their family’s lives.” A similar service has been run in Westminster by A2Dominion, where it has had a big impact on people’s lives.  Last year, it helped 2,754 people and reduced residents’ debts by a massive £118,150.”

Following the launch, Advice Plus will be open for business every month in the Green Man Lane cafe – at the heart of A2Dominion’s regeneration of the Green Man Lane estate in Ealing.

Event details

When: Thursday 1 October from 1pm and 4pm

Where: Green Man Lane Café , Singapore Road, Ealing W13 0EP

For information

Contact Wendy Sweeney on