Three Catalyst residents shortlisted for Customer Scrutiny Inspection Awards 2015

We’re delighted to report that three Catalyst residents have been shortlisted in the Outstanding Individual Contribution category at the Customer Scrutiny Inspection Awards 2015. Christina Tom Johnson, John Kehoe and Suzanne Bull MBE were nominated for the hard work they do to support other Catalyst residents by our resident involvement team.

The awards ceremony will take place on 22  October 2015 in Liverpool and we wish them well. Here is a little but more about each nominated resident.

Christina Tom Johnson

Christina-Tom-JohnsonChristina’s life revolves around her church and church family; being a local preacher, she also volunteers at a hospice. She belongs to a choir because she loves singing and had the privilege of singing in the choir at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the Queen’s reign. She enjoys eating out, going to the theatre and reading.

Christina was very surprised when she found out that she had been nominated for the award.  After getting over the shock, she was pleased that our resident involvement team and fellow residents had chosen her.  As this is the first time London residents have been nominated, she is even more proud and honoured to be representing Catalyst.

Most of Christina’s working life has involved interacting with people, which she enjoys.  She volunteers at Catalyst so she can help other residents understand that engaging and getting involved is a good way to improve neighbourhoods and the services that people receive. Christina hopes people understand that ‘knowledge is power’.

Suzanne Bull MBE


Suzanne’s life centres on listening to music and going to gigs and festivals.  In fact, she even works in live music as she is CEO of a charity called Attitude is Everything. The organisation improves access to live music for deaf and disabled people.  She also enjoys the odd bit of creative writing and gardening.

Suzanne was totally surprised about being nominated and she felt quite humbled that the resident involvement team and her fellow residents thought to put her name forward.  She feels that she doesn’t do that much in comparison to Christina and John, and that it was an honour to be shortlisted alongside them.

Before living in a Catalyst property, Suzanne had a lot of problems with getting a secure roof over her head, not least because she had to start using a wheelchair in her mid-twenties.  She was living in very inadequate properties and was quite despairing about her situation.  Suzanne finally moved into a wheelchair accessible flat – the ground floor of a Victorian house – in 2002.  She described this as ‘life-changing’, not only did it improve her physical health but it also improved her mental health.

As many disabled people live in inadequate properties, Suzanne volunteers because she would do anything to change this situation.  She is the secretary of our Disability Forum where she writes minutes of meetings, pushes for more accessible properties to be built and asks that disabled residents are supported.

John Kehoe

John-KehoeJohn likes meeting people and that he is always doing little DIY projects between meetings.  He could not believe it when he was nominated for the award and was even more surprised when he found out that there were three residents nominated and short listed. As this is the first time involved residents have been nominated for such a prestigious award, John believes this is a great achievement for all involved residents.

John volunteers because he believes that it is important that residents have a real say. He enjoys working with people to help improve the service they receive from Catalyst. Although he says this can be challenging, it is really rewarding to see more and more residents getting involved. John enjoys working with both residents and Catalyst teams, who push to make a real difference.

For more details on how you can get involved at Catalyst, please visit the resident involvement section of our website.