Catalyst census update

censusThanks to the 8,500 households that took part in the Catalyst census, we’re starting to get a much better understanding of the types of people who live in our homes. This is important as the more we understand about you, the more we’re able to design our services around what you need from us.

Who lives with who

Almost a third of our tenants and shared owners told us they live alone. Another third have children under the age of 16 living at home, and around about the same number have someone over the age of 55 living in the household.

Knowing more about who you do or don’t live with, and whether there are similar types of households living in your area, helps us target our local services so they better suit you and the other homes in your area. It also means you’re less likely to hear from us about our services that aren’t applicable to you.

In work

We found out that just under half of our tenants and over 85% of our shared owners are working. Around one in six tenants is retired and only one in every twenty is looking for a job. Of the quarter of households where residents are not currently looking for work, the main reason was due to illness or disability, although some residents were also caring for children or another adult.

Access to the internet

Over two thirds of tenants and 90% of shared owners told us they have regular access to the internet. Most people access the internet from home; however many people also access it via their smartphones.

It’s not only residents who can access the internet that are important to us – it’s crucial that we know that around a quarter of residents don’t have regular access to the internet. We’re looking at ways to make this easier and knowing who these residents are means we can focus on helping them more than residents who already use the internet regularly.

Future research

Finally, we want to thank more than a third of our households who told us they were happy to take part in any future research and consultation that might affect you. We’ve already contacted some of you to find out more about your experience of using the internet, which has helped to shape our digital strategy. As we already had all of your information from the census, we didn’t have to ask about it again and could focus on what we really needed to know about.

More information

For more details on the Catalyst census please contact us or visit the Catalyst census section of our website.