Catalyst Chief Executive gets quizzed by residents

Rod scrutinyRod Cahill, our chief executive had an interesting experience recently… he was quizzed by Catalyst customers.

Members of the Catalyst Residents Federation, assisted by TPAS (the tenant empowerment organisation) carried out a formal assessment on Rod’s contribution to resident involvement. This involved the group going through Rod’s calendar to assess his level of contact with residents and our frontline teams.

John Harrison (Chair of the Brent Residents Forum) and Doris Van Der Heyden (Chair of the West London Residents Forum) then interviewed Rod on resident involvement at Catalyst. Our customers were particularly interested in how our Making it Easy programme empowers frontline teams so they can improve services for residents. A formal assessment of this kind is ground-breaking and we’re awaiting the results with a mixture of trepidation and curiosity!

Following the grilling, Rod attended the Catalyst Residents Federation meeting where he gave an update on some of the changes we’re making at Catalyst and what the future holds for the organisation. The evening ended on a high – Rod presented John Harrison with a trophy to mark our Brent team’s win at the recent residents’ quiz afternoon.

Rod Cahill said: “It was great to directly hear residents’ concerns, questions and suggestions. Customers are at the heart of what we do at Catalyst. They’re our best advocates and we want them to recommend us to prospective tenants and purchasers. We aim to create places and homes which sustain their value and utility over the long term, because this is the bedrock of our customer satisfaction”.

For more details on how you can get involved at Catalyst, visit the resident involvement section of our website.