New South East income team


Following on from the success of our London income team, we’ve set up a specialised income team in the South East to support residents who have rent arrears. The team works with our South East customers to deal with their debt problems and reduce their rent arrears so they don’t end up losing their home.

We caught up with Katie Ball, team leader for the South East income team, to find out more about the new team and how it supports our customers.

When was the team set up?

It’s set up now. I’m the team leader and we’re currently recruiting for five income officers. We’re looking for people who are empathetic and have a passion for helping people. I’m hoping the team will be up and running by September.

Why did you form a specialised team?

Our London offices already have one. Since it’s been set up, the team has helped thousands of people to reduce their rent arrears and keep their homes. As it’s been so successful, we decided to do the same for the South East.

How can the team help residents?

We can help people set up repayment plans if they have rent arrears and support them if they have a court order to get possession of their home. We can also put people in contact with independent financial agencies so they can get impartial money advice. If someone has been affected by the welfare reforms, we can even help them claim Discretionary Housing Payment.

Where is the team located?

We’ll be based in our Oxford office but we’re happy to visit people at our other local offices or in their homes. The team will also be supporting the lettings team and the neighbourhood managers in educating residents on what they need to do if they’re in financial difficulty.

What’s your advice to people with rent arrears?

Please speak to us and don’t bury your head in the sand. We’re nothing to be scared of – we’re trying to help you, not evict you. When we first meet you, we’ll listen to your situation and support you in coming up with a plan of action.

If you have rent arrears or are in financial difficulty, please contact our income team on 0300 456 2090.