Problems with direct debit rent payments

Due to some unforeseen issues with our IT systems, some of our customers who pay their rent through direct debit may have had the wrong amount taken from their bank account.

We are working hard with our IT department to resolve this and make sure that there are no further errors. In the meanwhile we would advise anyone affected by this error to contact their bank to request an immediate refund of the full amount taken.

Under the Direct Debit Scheme Rules banks are required to refund the payer if there is an error. If the error is made by a service user, paying banks will use the indemnity claim process to reclaim the refund from that service user. This means that if you have overpaid your rent as part of this error, your bank will issue a refund.

If you are one of our affected customers, please let us know so we can work with you to resolve your issue.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.