Leading London housing developer buys… a canal



Catalyst Housing have announced that they have bought Maypole Dock (part of the Grand Union Canal) in Southall, West London – as part of their ambitious £200 million regeneration programme for the nearby Havelock estate.

Announcing the unusual purchase, Julia Moulder (Catalyst’s Director of Development) explained: “It may at first seem strange that we are becoming the owners of a canal, when we’re much better known as a developer and housing association.  But for us, buying Maypole Dock makes perfect sense.  We are just about to start our 10-year 922-home regeneration of the Havelock estate – immediately to the west of Maypole Dock – and we have recently bought another site immediately to the east of the dock.  Buying Maypole Dock completes the jigsaw for us, as it links these different sites together.

“This purchase demonstrates our commitment to improving the wider area and to creating a safe, thriving, neighbourhood.  We are working with residents and the wider Southall community to achieve this.”

Catalyst’s regeneration of Havelock is a key part of the transformation of Southall – one of the first nine Housing Zones announced in February by the Mayor of London, which will also benefit from the arrival of Crossrail in 2019.  Catalyst’s plans for the Havelock regeneration alone will provide over a quarter (488 homes) of the 1,785 affordable homes in the entire Housing Zone.