Relay to Rally stops at Wornington Green

Homes for Britain March 2015062

Yesterday (17 March) Betsy the campaign bus for Homes for Britain made its penultimate stop at Wornington Green the largest regeneration scheme in Kensington and Chelsea.

Residents of the new mixed-tenure community as well as members of our team, including chief executive Rod Cahill and director of development Julia Moulder welcomed Betsy as part of the Relay to Rally. The relay visited over 50 town centres and developments across the country before finishing at the Homes for Britain Rally at Westminster.

Wornington Green lies at the north end of the world famous Portobello Road and was home to 538 social rented households. Our regeneration of Wornington Green is building new social rented homes for all current residents, as well as providing new homes for sale and rent – doubling the total number of homes in the process to almost 1,000. It’s one of dozens of housing developments that the G15 group of London’s largest housing associations have under way, to do their bit to tackle the housing crisis.

Homes for Britain is campaigning for the next government to come up with a long-term plan to tackle the shortage of housing within a year of getting into office. It is being backed by thousands of people up and down the country who have joined forces with organisations from every corner of the housing world.

Rod Cahill, chief executive of Catalyst:

‘The housing crisis cannot be ignored and without action will only get worse. For many of our children owning their home is out of reach without support from parents as well as the banks. If we carry on as we are, home ownership will become an unachievable goal.

Catalyst aims to create as many affordable homes as is viable in each of our developments. We’ve shown at Wornington Green that by rethinking how we use space we can double the amount of properties whilst not compromising on quality.’