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Speaker Photograph - Cathy Williams

Cathy WilliamsWhen it comes to going through important documents, only a few people could confess to be experts. But that’s certainly the case of Acton leaseholder Cathy Williams.

Cathy works for The National Archives where she gives advice and helps to preserve original sound, videos and documents. Amongst her treasure chest is William Shakespeare’s will and pictures of Winston Churchill when he was prime minister.

She even gets to see what goes on behind the scenes of the BBC’s ‘Who do you think you are?’ as researchers visit her work to look through old census records so they can trace celebrities’ family roots.

So what made Cathy join our Policy Forum when it seems like she has her hands full looking after items of national importance?

“I’m grateful to live in a place where I can turn to someone in authority if something goes wrong. If there’s a problem, Catalyst will always sort it out. Joining the forum is my way of giving back to Catalyst,” says Cathy.

To date Cathy has had the chance to give her views on many Catalyst policies including ones on car parking, complaints and resident hoarders. But it was the health and safety in communal areas policy that Cathy was really passionate about as it seems she has to dodge half a dozen prams whilst trying to get to her front door.

Cathy said: “I live on the ground-floor and people are constantly leaving prams outside my home. This really annoys me because there is a sign asking people not to leave their personal belongings in communal areas. So when I was sent this policy I couldn’t wait to give my views as it affects me directly.”

So does Cathy feel being on the Policy Forum really make a difference? Most certainly! “You can genuinely make a difference as Catalyst’s policies affect the lives of everyone living in their neighbourhoods,” says Cathy.

If you would like to join our Policy Forum please contact the Policy team on 0300 456 2099 or sign-up online on our website today.