Prepare yourself for the winter

keep warmWhile this winter has been mild, it’s important to be prepared.

Here are our tips for this winter:

  • Make sure that your heating system is working – run it for a short period of time so that pipes don’t freeze or get damaged
  • Wear lots of thin layers rather than one big thick layer. The air gets trapped between layers and will warm up – the more air the warmer you will feel
  • Use your curtains and blinds when you have the heating on to keep the heat in – and keep doors closed to prevent drafts
  • Make sure you have blankets and jumpers so you can easily add a layer or two
  • If you own or run a car make sure you keep spare blankets in the car in case of a breakdown
  • Have regular hot drinks
  • If you are worried about heating bills then heat the living room during the day and bedrooms just before you go to bed
  • Check on your neighbours during cold spells – especially if they live on their own or are elderly

For more tips visit the tackling climate change section of our website.

Tell us how you will be staying warm this winter by emailing your top tips to We’ll then publish the best ones in our residents’ magazine, Catalyst4You.