Catalyst resident Ivy Morris celebrates 100 years

Catalyst resident Ivy Morris celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday 8 October with her first ever birthday party.

Nearly 70 friends and neighbours joined Ivy for her birthday celebrations at the Fellowship Centre in Oxford where they were treated to fairground music and buffet food including sandwiches and sausage rolls.

‘I’ve never had a proper birthday party before because we didn’t go to parties – we just went to the theatre for a treat instead’ says Ivy.

Ivy believes her long life is down to plenty of sleep and fresh air, as well as having a pint of cream milk every day. She said: ‘That’s what I had when I was a tiny baby and needed a lot of nourishment so I’ve kept going with the full cream milk. I’d definitely recommend it.’

Born in a rented farm cottage in Hayes (west London), Ivy grew up in Hounslow. She now lives at Kingsgate, a Catalyst sheltered scheme in Oxford, and has nothing but praise for the scheme.

Ivy said: ‘There’s a lot of nice people and fresh air here, as well as lovely gardens at Kingsgate. I’ve been very happy here. ’

Kingsgate sheltered scheme manager Jackie Hooper said: ‘She’s an absolute delight to look after and looks amazing. She keeps us all on our toes. If something is wrong she tells us it’s wrong. Ivy is a one-off and very well respected here.’

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