‘I don’t feel lonely anymore’

Chandrika GanatraSays Chandrika Ganatra when asked what she most likes most about her new home at O’Grady Court.

Chandrika moved into the west Ealing sheltered housing scheme in February 2014 and since then she’s been enjoying its many social activities. With reminiscence therapy, music sessions, art classes, computer workshops, lunch clubs and trips away to choose from who wouldn’t?

‘My life has changed so much. There’s always something going on here – either someone’s having a party or there’s a workshop you can go to. If I wasn’t living at O’Grady Court, I’d be sitting at home alone in Northolt’, she says.

Chandrika moved from a two-bedroom property in Northolt, which she had been living in for 15 years, after she was affected by the government’s under-occupancy charge. Chandrika’s housing benefit entitlement was cut by 14% because she had one ‘spare’ bedroom.

With no income or savings, Chandrika borrowed money from her brother to cover the shortfall in her rent. ‘If my family didn’t help me, I would have got into debt’ says Chandrika.

After borrowing money for over a year, Chandrika decided enough was enough and started to look for a smaller home on the Locata and HomeSwapper websites. Her neighbourhood manager then told Chandrika about a one-bedroom flat at O’Grady Court which had become vacant. Chandrika visited the property with her family, liked it and the rest is history.

Chandrika said: ‘Moving here was the best thing I did. Everyone is really friendly and kind. They helped me settle in and made me feel part of the community. I hope this is my last home because I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.’

If you would like to move home, please call your neighbourhood manager on 0300 456 2099 (London customers) or 0300 456 2090 (south east customers). For more information on our sheltered housing schemes visit the sheltered housing section of our website.