3O happy years at O’Grady Court

O'Grady Court residents Donalda Bickerton (left) and Chandrika Ganatra (right) meet John Foxall (Catalyst's director of customer services) at the scheme's 30th birthday party

Five birthday cakes, Indian dancing and speeches from special guests were just some of the highlights at O’Grady Court’s 30th birthday party on 7 August.

Over 60 people came along to the sheltered housing scheme including residents who live at the scheme, Catalyst employees, Heather Burnley (a former employee who helped set up the scheme) and Alison Knocker (chair of the south east customer service committee).

Donalda Bickerton and Chandrika Ganatra were just two of the many residents who went to the celebration and both had nothing but praise for O’Grady Court.

Donalda, a resident of over 11 years, said: ‘I love it here, I absolutely love it! There’s always something going on in the lounges and the facilities are great – I often enjoy a cup of tea in the rooftop garden with my friend’.

Alison Knocker talks about the history of O'Grady Court

Chandrika is one of the scheme’s ‘new’ residents. She moved in eight months ago after she was hit by the bedroom tax and needed to downsize. And so far Chandrika likes living at O’Grady Court because she says it’s very clean and tidy. But one thing Chandrika doesn’t like very much is moving home.

‘I was living in a Catalyst home in Northolt for over 15 years. I hope this is my last home because I like it here and I don’t want to move any more’ says Chandrika.


O’Grady Court is Catalyst’s biggest sheltered housing scheme. It’s located in central west Ealing and includes 62 one bedroom flats. There are also four lounges, a computer room and a rooftop garden for residents to enjoy.

Some of the fun activities taking place at the scheme include reminiscence therapy, music and art classes, computer workshops and lunch and social clubs.

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