Kingsgate House shortlisted for top sustainability award

Kingsgate House_036
Kingsgate House, the first major building project in the world to be to be PEFC certified, has been short-listed for Sustainable New Housing Project of the Year at the 2014 Sustainable Housing Awards.

Situated in London’s Chelsea, this seven-storey development offers a mix of 43 spacious shared ownership and rented apartments for people who live or work in the borough.

Instead of the usual heavy concrete or steel frame construction, the structure of the building was built using much lighter cross-laminated timber (CLT). As well as saving at least 170 lorry journeys to deliver the beams to the site, the use of timber also provided a number of environmental benefits. The lightweight timber frame meant that existing foundations could be re-used – cutting massively the energy and waste created from removing them offsite, as well as a significant cost saving.

The building features a range of environmentally-friendly design features and meets level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Eye-catching green photovoltaic (PV) cells run vertically down the front of the building and are designed to look like a living wall. The PV cells generate free electricity as well as helping to shade the apartments from the sun.

Phil Thompson, head of development and sustainability:

‘Kingsgate House is an excellent example of what can be done working with the right team and a little imagination. Sustainable housing is vital for the future of housing not only in London but across the UK. We are really pleased to have Kingsgate House shortlisted and it is a fantastic addition to our portfolio, alongside our award-winning eco-friendly project The Greenway.’